Why Are There Waste Restrictions?

If you have a large quantity of rubbish from home projects, a skip can be a great choice for you. They are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. There are some items that aren’t safe to be placed into a skip, this is because of the safety of our employees and others who come into contact with it. This is a simplified list of the main items we restrict, if you want the full list then you can head to our Terms of Business page.

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Our Restrictions List

Every company set their own restrictions, so it’s always best to double-check with your skip provider about their guidelines. If you don’t follow these restrictions, legal action may be taken. Here are our waste restrictions:

Sofas and Upholstered Furniture (POPs)

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are found within upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and footstools. New legislation was introduced at the beginning of 2023 which changes the way these items are sorted and treated. As they can cause harm to our environment, animals, and humans, they should be sorted, processed, and destroyed at a specialist facility. We can help with the correct disposal of these items, however, you may have to pay a POP charge. Contact our customer service team for further information regarding POPs and any other disposal advice.

Electrical appliances

Electrical Equipment

These are one of the most common items we see in our skips. If you are unsure if it is accepted, we say not if it needs a plug, charger, or batteries to work. We ask that they are taken to an electrical recycling point near you. You can find your local one here.

Plasterboard Waste


Although it’s a great building material, unfortunately when mixed with water and some other waste items, plasterboard can give out very toxic fumes. This is why we can only accept 1 or 2 bin bags of plasterboard that are placed on top of your skip. If you’d like to get rid of more then please give us a call and order a plasterboard-only skip. If plasterboard is found within your normal skip you can be given a sorting fee of around 50% of the hire price of the skip.

Skip With a Mattress


Yes, we’re able to dispose of your mattresses for you, but we do ask for an extra fee of £45 – £50 + VAT per mattress. If you’d like us to remove your mattress, just let us know before putting it in the skip.

Medical waste, used syringes and medicine bottles

Medical Waste

This could include a variety of medical items such as bodily fluids/materials, needles, gloves etc. Anything that could potentially carry infections. We want to keep our employees safe and wish to prevent any illnesses that we can. If you have any medical waste to dispose of, please take it to a specialist so it is done responsibly. 

Old asbestos requiring disposal


This is one of the most dangerous items people want to dispose of, it can cause serious harm years after exposure. If you find asbestos anywhere during a project then you should call somebody with the appropriate equipment and experience to remove it safely. 

Stack of old gas cylinders for recycling

Gas Cylinders

These are never truly empty, this means they are at high risk for combustion. They could cause serious injury if this were to happen, so please call the manufacturer or a specialist to help with the disposal.

pile of used batteries


Batteries can contain harmful chemicals such as lead which means they aren’t safe to be put into your skip. If they leak they can become a serious hazard so we need to be cautious for our skip operators and stop them from going in. They should be taken to a battery bin to be cleaned properly before disposal.

Glass Waste


Again, obviously, glass is very fragile and very easy to smash. We can only accept a small amount of glass in a skip to lower the chances of injury to our skip operators. If you have a large amount of glass to get rid of you may need to hire a glass-only skip from us instead.

pile of used tyres for disposal

Tyres & Other Items

If you have items such as tyres or anything else made out of rubber, they can be disposed of in a skip for another extra cost. If you have any other items that are not listed, check with your local council for their guidelines or give us a call for extra information.

Used paint tins, fuels and solvents.

Paint, Solvents, and Fuels

At the risk of stating the obvious, these items are very high risk for combustion. This means they are not safe to be placed into a skip. This could cause serious harm to you or others if they aren’t disposed of responsibly.

Ready to Hire a Skip in Plymouth?

Skips can be a great option if you have a large amount of rubbish to get rid of. there are so many types of waste that can be placed into a skip, even with these restrictions in place. We provide our customers with excellent customer care and convenient service to make their lives easier. 

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