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Waste Disposal Process

By 20 April 2022November 10th, 2022No Comments

What Happens To Waste After Collection

Lots of people use skips for a variety of purposes, they are very helpful to someone who doesn’t have the facilities to do lots of tip runs. We can make your life easier by taking all the rubbish for you, rest assured we always dispose of waste responsibly. We want to show you what happens to all of your waste once it’s collected by us.

skip on driveway filled with waste

Rubbish Sorting

Firstly, we remove all the bulky items and sort through the rest of your waste to sort them into categories. We need to know what is recyclable as well as to make sure your waste is safe for others to come into contact with. Check out our waste restrictions guide to ensure you don’t fill your skip with prohibited items, we have these rules to keep everyone safe. Once your skip has been checked over and deemed safe to continue, the waste goes to the loading bays and is prepped for treatment. Some items are sent to other locations but the majority of rubbish will be compacted, shredded, or taken to screening.

Re-using or Recycling

Valuable items should be re-used and sent to an appropriate facility to ensure it doesn’t end up in the landfill. Building and garden materials such as bricks, glass, concrete, rubble can usually be recycled properly, however, anything like soil that can be composted should be sent to a specialist to do so. Some electrical goods can be recycled by us, such as DVD players, old PC’s, some appliances. Finally, scrap metal can be recycled and supplied to other countries with a high demand for it. Any items that aren’t recyclable can be incinerated or sent to landfill, although landfill disposal is avoided in an attempt to be eco-friendly.


UK and EU rules now state that your waste should be disposed of in an appropriate manner. It is vital for the planet that we try to recycle as much as possible. Make sure to check our guidelines to plan what you’re able to put in your skip so you can avoid extra charges after your collection.

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